For The Viking Fans

The Vikings existed in what is now commonly known as the Viking age which was from around 790 to the 10 Century. These groups of people were mostly Scandinavians the modern day Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Besides what is commonly depicted from the recent day movies, they lived an ordinary normal life which was then, comprised of living in the wild and regular warfare to conquer more territories. They inhabited most parts of North of the Atlantic and continued their spread North of Africa and the Eastern part of Russia.

The Vikings had a motive of spreading their territories to root out the Christianity that was cropping up, and they were adamantly against it. In their quest, they were faced with challenges such as more fierce communities that resisted them. This resulted in violent, bloody battles such as with the Saxons. The Vikings conducted raids to various parts and even colonized the conquered regions, enslaving many and also selling them off.

The Viking Heritage and Impact on the modern society

In the contemporary days, a group of people still associate themselves with the Viking heritage and from the numerous movies created from their history a class of current-day Vikings has emerged. However, the recent Vikings are not bloodthirsty killers and raiders; these are people who adore the old culture art and their bravery aspect.

From the ancient times Vikings, individual characters and weaponry art have been coined that continues to capture the attention of many. Some of these pieces include the Thor Hammer, rings and many medallions that resemble those that were worn back then. Others contain engravings such as those that are found on their swords and other things, they commonly had lions, serpents and strange birds engravings to symbolize something.

The other aspect that the Viking mentality has cropped up in the modern world is through gaming sites that have used the Viking characters in their work. This has, therefore, popularized the idea among computer game geeks widely capturing those interested in bringing out the vicious and fearless Vikings antics in them.


If you are a Viking fan, then you can purchase many of their collections in stores worldwide. However, it is advised that you do a thorough research and ensure that you understand the value and quality of every merchandise that you purchase. There are various ways a fan can feel like a Viking, such as the use of modern day trends such as playing Viking games, using the Viking mugs and more.