Pocahontas – The Noble "Savage"

Pocahontas is the daughter of the Native American chief, Chief Powhatan. She is a strong and independent woman who helps lead the tribe alongside her father, and is very kind to everyone.

When the British come to Virginia, they treat the Indians like savages. Pocahontas meets John Smith, and tells him about the life of the Native Americans and how they treasure nature and that no one owns the land.

Through the song “Colors of the Wind”, she explains how everyone is equal despite the color of our skin, and how nature is important as well displaying the wisdom that she had learned over the years with her tribe. She tells how animals are her friends and how even the trees and the rocks need to be respected. John and Pocahontas fall in love, and John realizes her point. Unfortunately, the Indians and the British get into a fight, and Chief Powhatan tells them to stay away from the “White Skins”.

John tells the other settlers that there isn’t any gold where the Indians live, but he isn’t believed. The Indians begin to get ready to fight the settlers, and so she runs to tell John. Pocahontas and John are discovered by the Indians and John is taken to be executed. She convinces her father to let John free, but the British come and attack Chief Powhatan anyways. John saves the Chief and is sent back to Britain, he says his goodbyes with his love, who the other British call the “noble savage”.