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Outdoor Equipment and Gear: Sport Design and Sports Advancement

Well-designed equipment matters to those who hear the call of the great outdoors. Whether climbing, hiking, horseback riding, mountaineering, or Alpine skiing, the best sports equipment features a combination of good sport design and ingenuity that makes your life easier and your outdoor activities more enjoyable. These pieces of outdoor equipment, gear and health care goods are examples of the kinds of sports equipment that contribute to sports advancement and give you a performance advantage.

Carry Devices

Whether you hike, bike, mountaineer or ski, you need a way to transport your equipment from the road to your base camp. For most outdoor sports, that means toting it on your shoulders in a sturdy backpack. Hikers and trekkers put a great deal of effort into choosing backpacks that are lightweight, sturdy and easy to carry because they know they’ll be carting 30 to 60 pounds of gear in those backpacks. Essentially, you’ll need to carry everything you’ll need for your trek on your back. Or will you?

A new carry device is designed especially to allow backpackers to take the weight of the world – or at least of all their gear – off their shoulders. The marvel of good sport design is a lightweight frame-and-ball that fits most well-known high-quality backpacks. With the ball in the upright position, the carry device barely adds any weight at all to the pack. When you tire of carrying your backpack on your shoulders, you simply flip the frame with the ball to the ground and pull your backpack along behind you or push it ahead of you. The oversize ball is designed to roll easily over rough terrain and enables you get to your destination with more energy and less stress.

The Carry-All

Need an easy to carry pack for your most basic necessities? Look for a stash station that holds your pen knife, cell phone, mouth freshener, sunblock or just about any other small-but-important items that will just get lost in the bottom of your backpack. Even better, find a carry-all that features an integrated LED torch to light your way in the dark.

Physical Therapy Pad

A body pillow is designed to help you get through your days with less pain and more comfort. A custom-designed therapy pad can be used for long drives, for camping or to apply ice therapy to sprains and other painful injuries. It’s designed to fit itself to your body’s unique shape and contours, making it easy for you to get comfortable, even on the cold, hard ground.

Ski Wax

The right ski wax can give your skis that extra glide and kick you need for high performance sports. With dozens of formulations on the market, you can find waxes designed for just about any type of ski and combination of conditions you can imagine.

Equipment that features advanced sport design gives you an advantage in performance, no matter what sport you favor. Make it a point to keep up with the latest sports advancement so you’re always ahead of the game.